King Mohamed VI orders intelligence department to spy on Algerian officials in Morocco

By: Anouar Malek in Brussels 

A confidential document issued by Morocco’s royal palaces department showed secrets related to the kingdom of Mohamed the Sixth who targeted Algeria.

The document was issued on June 19th, 2014. It was addressed to the general department of national territory surveillance, general intelligence department (general administration) and military security department in Morocco.

“Our neighbor King” spies on Algerians

The number of this document is: Ref 3429/14 and it is untitled ‘An order for execution.’ It starts saying: “upon request from His Majesty and under direct supervision from security affairs advisor of His Majesty (…).”

This shows that the “order for execution” was issued by King Mohamed the Sixth in person who ordered to keep watch on “Algerian personalities on the Moroccan national territory.”

Algerian diplomatic residences under permanent surveillance

King Mohamed the Sixth also ordered to tap their phone calls and prepare detailed reports about their contacts inside the kingdom.

“We stress the necessity of putting the following names and their positions under daily surveillance,” says the document.

The names mentioned in the order are as follows:

The Algerian ambassador’s residence in Rabat.

The Algerian military attaché’s residence in Rabat.

The residence of the Algerian general consul in Oujda.

The document also had an attached file of phone numbers. It was signed by a colonel at the information department. Its code is: G.R/BRI 7604/71.

Scandal and hostility toward Algeria

The same document showed that Morocco is hostile toward Algerians and does not pay attention to diplomatic traditions. It involved their private life by tapping their phone calls and keeping watch on their residence. Some of them are under diplomatic immunity though.